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This website has been developed with funding assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, via a Specialty Crop Block Grant to the State of Florida. The goal is to increase awareness and use of Florida native plants in the landscape. We’re indebted to our friends at the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services for all their help in launching our Plant Real Florida Campaign. FANN is a proud member of Florida’s agricultural industry and our state’s Fresh from Florida Campaign.

The site is a work in progress. We need to round up many more photos and other information to present a more complete and informative resource. All lists, particularly of plants assigned to plant communities, are subject to change. Users may be frustrated by missing, incomplete, confusing or downright wrong information. Please bear with us and feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. We very much welcome and depend upon your feedback, especially corrections and criticism.

Many people have contributed in one way or another, directly and indirectly, to this website. So many, that we’re bound to miss someone – please accept our apologies in advance.

Artists & Photographers:

Bill & Nancy Bissett, Steve Cannon, Dave Chiappini, Sue Dingwell, Cammie Donaldson, David Drylie, Evan Earle, Christina Evans, Sharon Dolan, Jenny Evans,, Darlene Foster, Spence Guerin, Roger Hammer, Tom Heitzman, Barbara Jackson, Pete Johnson, John & Sarah Kiefer, Anne Kramer, Greg Krolczyk, Vince Lamb, Donna Legare, Gary Leopold, Brightman Logan, Debbie Maxwell, Fran Palmieri, Maureen Parent, Debbie & Dan Perkins, Michelle Provencal, Alan Shapiro, John Sibley, Troy Springer, Donna Torrey, Bruce Turley, Peg Urban, Terry Zinn.


Nancy Bissett, Cammie Donaldson, Roger Hammer, Mike Jameson, Richard Moyroud

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