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FANN is the industry resource for Florida native plants and native landscape and restoration services. Our business members include growers, retailers, environmental consultants and landscape professionals.

This website promotes FANN members supplying wholesale plants and services to commercial and institutional customers. For retail native plant sources and residential service providers, see

FANN provides industry leadership in native plant production, education, marketing and advocacy.

FANN is a small association with mighty ambitions. We see a future where native plants are widely available and preferred for their aesthetic, ecological and economic benefits. Our urban and suburban landscapes will look like Real Florida and function like ecosystems.

Board of Directors
President: Bruce Turley, Wilcox Nursery & Landscape
President-elect: Jenny Evans, Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation Native Landscapes & Garden Center
Past President: Roger Triplett, Green Seasons Nursery
Vice President: Eddie McKeithen, McKeithen Growers
Treasurer: Chris Holly, Sandhill Growers & Environmental Services
Secretary: Troy Springer, Springer Environmental Services
Director: Patty Caballero, The Natives
Director: Alyssa Lavoro, Alexander Landscaping & Plant Farm
Director: Janine Griffiths, Green Thumb
Director: Kirsten Sharp-Ortega, Green Isle Gardens Nursery
Director: vacancy


Education Committee: Janine Griffiths, Green Thumb

Membership Committee: Christy Savage-Griffin, Betrock Information Systems

Plant Promotion Committee: Kirsten Sharp-Ortega, Green Isle Gardens Nursery

Native Plant Show Planning Committee: currently run by staff and board

FANN proudly partners with the Florida Native Plant Society, Florida Wildflower Foundation and Wildflower Seed & Plant Growers Association. We work together to advance the native plant movement in Florida by promoting the preservation and use of Florida native plants.

NATIVE PLANT HORTICULTURE FOUNDATION: Without native plants and people who know how to use them, we cannot restore natural and urban areas. The native plant industry is still in its infancy, working with nonprofit partners to educate the public about the importance of native plants to general sustainability. Many native plant grower pioneers are nearing the end of their careers, and facing the same challenges that all small farmers face in expanding and transitioning their operations. FANN helped establish the Native Plant Horticulture Foundation to strengthen and expand the industry by creating more demand for and supply of native plants, and developing more native plant professionals. Without easy access to native plants and professionals who know how to use them, communities are limited in their ability to transform landscapes for sustainability. Together, we can make it happen.
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FANN is a proud member of the Fresh from Florida agriculture promotion campaign: