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If you’re in the business of growing, designing, or planting with native plants, you need to be part of FANN. Expose your business to the growing market for native plants, native landscapes and professionals with native know-how. Align your business with like-minded leaders in Florida’s Real Green Industry.®

FANN asks all members to abide by our Code of Ethics and other policies that protect our environment and the reputation we’ve worked to build with environmentally conscientious customers. Review our policies.



We welcome businesses, municipalities, nonprofits, public agencies & academic institutions.

Members share a common interest in improving conditions for the native plant industry. There is no minimum % native requirement, but FANN only promotes Florida native plants.

Where does your organization fit in FANN?

Cypress – perfect for industry leaders and mature organizations who want to help take native plants to the next level.

Mangrove – perfect for multi-branched organizations offering multiple products & services or serving multiple markets.

Palm – perfect for small organizations serving multiple markets or providing plants & services.

Orchid – perfect for the startup or “solopreneur’ providing one service to a single market.

Dues & Benefits

Cypress $863

  • UNLIMITED listings (categories or online map pins)
  • Member discounts for UNLIMITED staff
  • Display plant availability
  • Negotiated logo placements in digital and print communications
  • Complimentary mentored membership for the student or emerging professional of your choice

  • Mangrove $569

  • 3 listings (categories or online map pins)
  • Member discounts for 5 staff
  • Display plant availability
  • $50 credit for FANN classes

  • Palm $339 (pay by month option available)

  • 2 category listings
  • Member discounts for 2 staff
  • Display plant availability
  • $25 credit for FANN classes

  • Orchid $224 (pay by month option available)

  • 1 category listing
  • Member discounts for 1 staff

  • INDIVIDUALS can join as Orchids or Wildflowers!

    Orchid – Perfect for individual professionals or public agency/nonprofit employees

    Wildflower – perfect for students, emerging professionals, retirees and supportive spouses or partners

    Dues & Benefits

    Orchid $224 (pay by month option)

  • 1 category listing
  • Member discounts for 1

  • Wildflower $58

    Member discounts for 1

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