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Membership Criteria
Members shall consist of firms and individuals involved in the production, sale or use of native plants, vendors of related products and services, educators, institutions and agencies.

Membership Code of Ethics
Members shall:

  • Exert every effort toward the preservation and protection of our natural resources.
    • Abide by FANN bylaws and conduct business in good faith.
    • Abide by all state and federal laws.
    • Provide true and correct information to the public.

    Important: Invasive non-native plants
    FANN specifically requests that members NOT sell any plants which appear on the Florida Invasive Species Council Category 1 list.

    Furthermore, FANN strongly encourages members not to sell plants which appear on the Florida Invasive Species Council Category II list. Members should work to eliminate these plants from their inventories.

    Policy regarding the listing of native cultivars
    Policy on the preservation & conservation of native plants
    Policy on transplanting native plants from the wild

    Definitions and Restrictions

    About our Plant Listings
    FANN lists and promotes only Florida native plants. Cultivars are listed as Florida native plants if they originate naturally within certain ecoregions as defined in our Listing of Cultivars policy.

    FANN accepts and follows the definition of “Florida native plant” as adopted by the Florida Native Plant Society. With some exceptions, to specifically identify the nativity of a given species, FANN generally follows the Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida, third edition, by Dr. Richard P. Wunderlin and Bruce F. Hansen, University Press of Florida. We also use the online Plant Atlas which accompanies this book. Exceptions are made in consultation with an in-house committee of our most senior members. Examples of exceptions include:

    • FANN growers offer two varieties of native slash pine: Pinus elliotti var. elliotti (North Florida slash) and Pinus elliotti var. densa (South Florida slash).
    • FANN lists Juniperus silicola and J. virginiana as separate species.
    • FANN lists Quercus laurifolia and Q. hemisphaerica as separate species.

    Where regional or local species variation occurs, FANN growers are encouraged to name varieties to indicate these variations until such time as the variety is recognized by taxonomists in an official flora of the state. Examples include Chrysobalanus icaco ‘Horizontal’ (Horizontal Cocoplum), Ulmus americana ‘Florida Population’ (Florida ecotype Elm), and Roystonia regia ‘Florida Population’ (Florida ecotype Royal Palms).

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