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About Seagrape pruning and maintaining dune ecosystems

Sometimes you need to cut down or burn native trees and other vegetation to give more native plants a chance.

Ecosystems are all about diversity and in our fragmented landscapes, management by we the humans is a must to maintain a balance of biodiversity. FANN member Coastal Growers’ owner Rob Barron is always a welcome instructor at our Native Plant Show and other professional education venues, with over 40 years of respected dune management expertise, particularly in Florida. Landscape architects, municipal planners, arborists and others consistently give his presentations high ratings. Enjoy this presentation that specifically addresses cost-effective maintenance of Seagrapes (Coccoloba uvifera) at shrub height so that other native dune species can thrive and support the diversity of pollinators, birds and other species of the coastal ecosystem. Seagrapes at tree height are fabulous, but they’re not the only plant you want on your coastline.