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Gaillardia pulchella

Gaillardia pulchella not native? R.I.P. Florida-friendly Blanketflower

FANN continued to list this plant through 2021 and in the 2022 Native Plant & Service Directory. However, effective April 2022, Gaillardia pulchella will no longer be listed as a Florida native in any of our resources.┬áThis species is not […]

Seagrape trees grow across a stretch of boardwalk. Natural arbors are enchanting and can provide much needed shade. But be sure to see the forest for the trees ...

About Seagrape pruning and maintaining dune ecosystems

Sometimes you need to cut down or burn native trees and other vegetation to give more native plants a chance. Ecosystems are all about diversity and in our fragmented landscapes, management by we the humans is a must to maintain […]