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Sebastian River Farms, LLC

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5955 82nd Ave (View on Map)
Vero Beach, Florida 32966
Indian River County


We are a first generation native grower striving to grow the best natives in the industry today. From using pruning techniques that meet all Florida grades and standards to root manipulation balls, we can supply your native job requirements with quality and quantity you can depend on. We grow in sizes 15g-100g and field grown

Please note: Plant inventories change frequently. Please call for availability.

Plant NameSizeOther infoSort OrderQuantity
Acer rubrum (Red Maple) 15g 8-9', 1" 166 C
Acer rubrum 'Florida Flame' (Florida Flame maple cultivar) 30g 2", 12' 199 C
Ilex cassine (Dahoon Holly) 30g 9-10' 199 C
Liquidambar styraciflua (Sweetgum) 30g 7', 1" 199 C
Quercus geminata (Sand Live Oak, Scrub Oak) 45g 8-10', 2-2.5" 217 C
Quercus laurifolia (Laurel Oak, Swamp Oak, Diamond-leaf Oak) 15g 7-9', .5" 166 C
Quercus virginiana (Southern Live Oak, Live Oak) 30g 8-10', 1.75-2" 199 C
Taxodium distichum (Bald Cypress) 30g 8-10', 2-3 199 C
Quercus geminata (Sand Live Oak, Scrub Oak) 30g 8-10', 1.5-2" 199 C
Myrcianthes fragrans (Simpson Stopper) 30g 6-8', bush 199 C
Ulmus alata (Winged Elm) 30g 12-13', 2.25 199 C
Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar) 30g 6-7' 199 C
Viburnum obovatum (Walter's Viburnum) 30g 4'oa bush 199 C
Swietenia mahagoni (Mahogany) 30g 12', 2" 199 C
Morella cerifera (Wax Myrtle, Southern Bayberry) 30g 6-8', bush 199 C
Conocarpus erectus (Buttonwood) 45g 217 C
Ulmus americana (American Elm) 30g 199 C
Pinus elliottii (Slash Pine) 30g 7-10', 2-3" 199 C
Palms (native palms) FG 265 C