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Naples, Florida 34116
Collier County

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Southernmost native tree grower on Florida's west coast -- wholesale native tree nursery for Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs & Estero.

Over 20 different species of subtropical trees native to south Florida and the the Keys ‚Äč25 gallon trees from 9-12' tall 10 gallon trees from 5-7' tall

Please call or email if you are interested in purchasing trees.

Please note: Plant inventories change frequently. Please call for availability.

Plant NameSizeOther infoSort OrderQuantity
Lysiloma latisiliquum (Wild Tamarind, Bahama Lysiloma) 25g 10 & 25G 181 L
Piscidia piscipula (Jamaica Dogwood) 25g 10 & 25G 181 L
Simarouba glauca (Paradise Tree) 25g 10 & 25G 181 L
Sapindus saponaria (Soapberry) 10g 10 & 25G 157 L
Ficus aurea (Strangler Fig) 25g 10 & 25G 181 L
Vachellia farnesiana (Sweet Acacia) 25g 10G & 25G 181 L
Erythrina herbacea (Cherokee bean, Coral bean) 10g 5-6' 157 L
Swietenia mahagoni (Mahogany) 25g 10G & 25G 181 L
Sideroxylon foetidissimum (Mastic) 10g 5 ft 157 L
Coccoloba diversifolia (Pigeon Plum) 25g 10 & 25 Gal 181 L
Myrcianthes fragrans (Simpson Stopper) 10g 5 ft 157 L
Sideroxylon salicifolium (Willow Bustic) 10g 10G & 25G 157 L
Chrysophyllum oliviforme (Satinleaf) 10g 4-5' 157 L
Bursera simaruba (Gumbo Limbo, Tourist Tree) 25g 10 & 25 Gal 181 L
Conocarpus erectus (Buttonwood) 10g 5-6' 157 C
Thrinax radiata (Florida Thatch Palm) 10g 2-3' 157 L
Clusia rosea (Autograph Tree, Pitch Apple) 10g 3-4' 157 L