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Communicating Insect-friendly Landscape Value to Your Clients CEU Webinar Friday Oct 23, 2020

FANN is pleased to partner with scientists & communicators from the Thompson Earth Systems Institute and Florida Museum of Natural History to offer this unique continuing education class for landscape architects, landscape designers/installers, maintenance companies and estate horticulturists.

Landscape Architect CEs from Florida DBPR: 1 optional course # 0012081
FNGLA CEUs pending.


More about the class: Though often viewed as pests, insects provide many important services and are critical to the survival of other species, including humans. But few clients embrace the idea of attracting and supporting insects. This class will empower landscape architects, designers and other landscape professionals to communicate the value of insects to clients and enlist their support for best practices to support insects. Over the course of an hour, a team of skilled science communicators will focus on the importance of native insects, how best to cultivate insect-friendly outdoor spaces and most importantly, communication strategies that can be used to educate clients and others about the value of protecting insects in the landscape. Unfortunately, both the number and diversity of insects are declining around the globe due to habitat loss, pollution and climate change. Without widespread action, many of these important creatures face extinction within the next few decades.


Dr. Jaret C. Daniels – 20+ years of experience in insect ecology and teaching
A conservation biologist and insect ecologist, Jaret is a very popular speaker and his guided garden walks and presentations have been the staple of conferences around the country. He has authored more than 50 scientific papers, articles and books on butterflies, conservation, integration pest management and wildlife landscaping. Jaret has provided several Florida Board of Landscape Architecture approved continuing education classes.

Dr. Akito Kawahara – 18+ years of experience in insect ecology and teaching
Akito’s lifelong enthusiasm for moths and butterflies has led to some of the most ambitious and surprising studies of these creatures in modern time, pushing the field forward and inspiring the general public. His depth of knowledge and special ability to communicate the value of insects to people landed him on the “Factually” podcast run by comedian Adam Conover of the TV show Adam Ruins Everything. Conover, who previously believed the world would be better off without mosquitoes, was won over by Akito’s discussion of the ecology of mosquitoes and their essential role as a food source for many other creatures. Akito has appeared on CBS News, Nature News, National Geographic Online and other media, providing informative and entertaining content about the insects.

Rebecca Burton – 6+ years of experience in science communication & education
Rebecca manages communication strategy for TESI, a newly established institute with a mission to increase public understanding of earth’s natural systems in Florida. She is also the co-founder of The Marjorie, a woman-led environmental reporting nonprofit in Florida, where she manages the website, social media, and writes and edits stories. Rebecca was previously the Communications Coordinator for the Florida Sea Grant program, where she managed the website, social media and print publications, and wrote and produced coastal research videos. She has held assignments as a multimedia writer for NBC News Miami, the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire, The Miami Herald, The UF Health News and Communications, The Gainesville Sun, and Health News Florida.

Sadie Mills -10+ years of experience in environment education
Sadie develops, manages and implements science communications training for students and scientists and coordinates educational public programming about earth systems science. Previously, she was the Florida Natural History Museum’s Fossil Project Coordinator, managing website, newsletter, social media and special events. Sadie has several years of experience as a graduate research and teaching assistant and informal environmental educator with the University of Georgia 4-H Environmental Education Program, teaching at the Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island, the 4-H Tidelands Nature Center on Jekyll Island, the Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island. Sadie holds a number of environmental education certifications and training certificates.



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