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FANN provides landscape pros with course at Wings & Wildflowers Festival

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Seven spaces remain for onsite registration only.

Introduction to Florida Native Plant Selection

How to select, use and maintain Florida native plants and wildflowers in urban and suburban landscapes. Taught by growers for landscape designers, installers and maintenance professionals.
Benefit from practical, experienced, professional feedback.

Add native wildflowers to your plant palette and sell more specialty garden services:
wildflower and butterfly gardens, and Florida-Friendly landscape solutions!

1:00-4:00pm, Friday, Sept. 28, 2012 at Hickory Point Park, Tavares, Lake County

COURSE FEE: Just $25 or
FREE for Lake County employees or 2012 FNGLA Landscape Show attendees (bring your badge!)


FANN is pleased to offer this course in conjunction with Lake County’s inaugural Wings & Wildflowers Festival.

3 FNGLA Certified Landscape Professional
2.25 for ISA Certified Arborists and Municipal Specialists
.75 for ISA BCMA Science and 1.5 for BCMA Practice

ABOUT THE COURSE: FANN native plant growers and landscape professionals will introduce 30+ of Central Florida’s best flowering native landscape plants, including trees, shrubs and wildflowers appropriate for use in urban and suburban landscapes. We’ll review considerations for selecting, using and maintaining the plants and present their use in a typical residential landscape. You’ll learn how to successfully use and maintain these plants, including seasonal wildflowers, in Florida-friendly sustainable landscapes – a great service to offer your new and existing customers. More about the course below.

Marc Godts, Green Isle Gardens, Grower & Landscape Professional
Craig Huegel, Hawthorne Hill, Ecologist & Landscape Professional
Brightman Logan, All Native Flora, Grower & Landscape Professional
Troy Springer, Springer Environmental Services, Landscape Professional

Landscaping with Florida native flowering plants with Brightman Logan
Importance and benefits of using native plants
Site selection: pH, soils, climate, hydrology, sun & shade, native plant communities
Plant selection: common pitfalls, ecotypes & cultivars
~8 of the best blooming native trees & shrubs for Central Florida
Wildflowers for Central Florida Landscapes with Craig Huegel
~24 of the best native wildflowers for landscape use
Live plant display, informal Q & A with growers
Design & Installation with Marc Godts
Soil testing and preparation
An example residential design: plant selection alternatives
Maintenance with Troy Springer
Continued development of the landscape
Establishing priorities
Timing & frequency

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Seven spaces remain for onsite registration only.