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FANN to launch new grower education workshop series


FANN is launching a new series of on-farm native plant production workshops for nurseries. Workshops will focus on growing plants for mass market and growing for diversity (those rare, less used, harder to grow species).

The series will kick off on Friday, January 8, 2016, at Green Seasons Nursery in Parrish, Manatee County, where Roger Triplett and his crew will demonstrate how they produce 3-5 native species for mass market appeal and profitability.

Roger will discuss topics such as seeding vs. cutting, methods to increase growth; how seasons, photoperiods and temperature affect timing of planting; fogging, chemicals and integrated pest management in the greenhouse, and trimming and other techniques to improve plant appearance; and nursery management and profitability.

Agenda to be posted but plan on 9:00am-1:00pm including 2+ hours of hands-on demonstration and instruction plus extended opportunity for discussion and nursery tour.

REGISTRATION will be open to members; non-members will be able to join FANN and receive the workshop as a new member bonus. Please contact FANN if you’re interested in receiving details and registration information when it becomes available later this month.

This new workshop series is being launched in response to member feedback in multiple surveys. FANN’s Board of Directors recently approved the 2016 Education Team’s recommendations to:

    Conduct in-nursery (on-farm) workshops with FANN growers
    Alternate the focus between growing for diversity and growing for mass market
    Alternate locations between Central, South and North Florida

So watch our website for details as new workshops are defined for 2016.

The new native plant production workshop series is consistent with FANN’s long-term goals to expand the use of our plants, foster member success in growing, planting and selling native plants, encourage the commercial introduction of new native species and varieties, and remain the industry go-to source for native plants and native landscape expertise as well as native plant professional education.

Sponsors are invited to help FANN develop and expand the workshop series. Contact FANN.