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Green Seasons Nursery Transition

Green Seasons Nursery is now operated and managed under EarthBalance. As expert growers and horticulturists, EarthBalance brings 37 years of expertise in cultivating, planting, installation, and habitat restoration. You can expect the same hands on service, hardy native plants that are salt tolerant, native coastal species, and robust upland shrubs and grasses, and partner to serve your large-scale habitat projects.

Ecological Restoration

EarthBalance supports the health of natural environments through restoration to improved damaged or threatened habitats.

Mitigation Banking

EarthBalance brings their extensive knowledge of mitigation rules ensuring your freedom to operate wherever you need mitigation options and solutions.

Native Plant Nursery

EarthBalance’s commitment is to ensure ecological resilience is supported by their in-house nursery where they grow native plants, seeds, and planting services.

Environmental Consulting

EarthBalance’s environmental scientists and project managers bring decades of experience in consulting on environmental dynamics and governmental regulations.


2023 Holiday Meeting at Green Seasons Nursery