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My Dragonfly Gardens looking for Designer/Junior Partner


My Dragonfly Gardens

About MDG At My Dragonfly Gardens, we are passionate about the creation of natural habitats using Florida native plants in residential settings. Florida-friendly plants may also be used to add more colors and food sources to the wildlife. In addition to landscape/habitat design, we do installations, maintenance, and permaculture. Our work is intended to be in complete harmony with nature, our clients, and the public in general.


  • Knowledgeable about Central Florida native plants, preferably with an understanding of light requirements, moisture requirements, and heat tolerance, to create a preliminary plant list that is suitable for the client’s needs and the client’s property
  • Able to make recommendations for plants during consultations
  • Be able to work with CAD software to create designs to scale, as well as able to free-hand sketching
  • Willing to learn, engage and speak about MDG’s core values
  • Comfortable interacting with clients, conveying abstract ideas about designs, and reinforcing why native plants are important.
  • Be able to interpret a client’s wishes into a design
  • Duties

  • Meet with prospects, new clients, as wells as with existing clients.
  • Foster business relationships with vendors and growers
  • Engage in MDG’s outreach programs
  • Participate in the installation of designs
  • Become knowledgeable of Florida Ordinances regarding the use of Florida native plants as a ground cover
  • Be able to take comprehensive notes and detailed photographs during consultations to be used for internal discussion that will lead to a functional, environmentally friendly design.
  • Conduct design presentations with clients
  • Order plants from selective sources
  • Participate in the pre-installation process
  • Useful transferrable skills
    Aptitude and attributes such as entrepreneurship, confidence, and conflict resolution will be considered during the interviewing process. Related fields such as horticulture, botany, and anything relating to plants/trees, among others will be beneficial, yet not required.

    This position is designed to grow into a Junior Partner, with profit sharing opportunity. The breakdown consists of a base, plus bonus and commission, with the potential of the aggregate to exceed the local pay rate.

    For more information regarding this Junior Partner opportunity and to apply, please go to