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Native Plant Horticulture Foundation updates 2017 plans

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The Native Plant Horticulture Foundation Board of Directors recently approved an updated mission and vision statement as part of their strategic planning for 2017-2018 programs supporting strengthening and expansion of the native plant industry. The foundation is working on student internship and scholarship programs in addition to ongoing professional and public education initiatives.

Mission: Make sustainable communities possible by expanding the supply of native plants and professional landscape expertise.

Vision: Urban, rural and wild landscapes everywhere are planted with native plants. Plants, growers, retail outlets, landscape and restoration experts are available in every community. Demand for native plants is strong and native plant businesses are thriving and attracting new professionals, including young people, to expand plant production and use.

How do we do it?

With your help, we are already:

    Providing internships to students and professionals who want to change careers
    Providing scholarships to students interested in careers with native plants
    Developing and sponsoring continuing education for industry professionals
    Supporting education and outreach that creates demand for native plants

Native plants, the new norm*. Together, we’ll make it happen.

Education (for professionals, students and the gardening public)

*many thanks to Jane Thompson, Indian Trails Native Nursery, for this new slogan, sure to be a bumper sticker and t-shirt hit.