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Nominations open for 2022 FANN Board of Directors

Serving on the FANN Board of Directors is an opportunity to advance the native plant industry and develop deep relationships with fellow FANN members. Board members receive orientation to their duties and are expected to attend six board meetings and a planning workshop. Most meetings are held via Zoom. In addition, board members pledge to support the association through one or more of advertising, sponsorship, in-kind services and supplies, volunteering and recruiting volunteers to serve on committees or other special events and projects. All board members sign an annual conflict of interest statement attesting to their commitment to keep board business and their own business interests separate and to keep board business confidential.

Any FANN member can serve, although there are bylaws restrictions on the number of allied members that can serve. Board members are elected by the general membership via an online voting process in November. We hope to present the new board to members at our official annual membership meeting on Thursday, Dec. 9, at Sebastian River Farms Nursery in Vero Beach, Florida.

The current FANN Board of Directors have appointed Bruce Turley, Wilcox Nursery & Landscape, and past president of FANN, as Chair of the Nominating Committee. If you’re interested in serving, talk to Bruce or complete a brief application form: