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Rockledge Gardens Looking to Hire Cashiers


Rockledge Gardens

Position Summary
The Cashier at Rockledge Gardens is responsible for assisting guests with checking out and finalizing transactions, answering guest questions, giving appropriate product recommendationswhen applicable, directing them to requested locations, and
maintaining the checkout (Pink Building).

Reporting Relationships
The Cashier reports to the Head Cashier, and the Sales Manager.

Experience, Education, and General Background Skills Required
•High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
•Must be friendly and approachable.
•Previous experience in customer service desired.
•Must have excellent written/verbal communication skills, and be detail oriented.
•Must be able to work in a fast paced environment.

Physical and Mental Demands
Requires standing for long periods of time, sitting, kneeling, bending, and walking. Must be able to handle outside environments and weather, including but not limited to heat, rain, and cold. Must be able to demonstrate clear focus while multi-tasking.
Special Equipment
Must possess basic knowledge of computers for POS navigation, and be able to use a 2-way radio.
Must be able to use a laminator, printers, and copiers.

Position Duties
1. Assist guests with fast and efficient checkout and transactions including but not limited to sales transactions, scheduling deliveries, scheduling consultations for WePlan, You Plant program.
2. Water the plants both inside and outside of the pink building as needed.
3. Keep up to date on procedures and policies as updated by Head Cashier – being familiar with the Cashier “Binder” makes this a lot faster and easier.
4. Answer guest’s questions about plants and product, direct them to where to locate them within the store or connect them with a salesperson for assistance.
5. Keep the Pink Building clean and organized, working in tandem with the other cashiers and the Head Cashier.
6. Monitor stock of supplies and submit requests for more as needed using the Internal Supply Order Request form.
7. Monitor stock of forms and paperwork (safe count, planting agreement forms, etc) and notify Head Cashier when more are needed.
8. Keep the Pink Building clean and organized and presentable for guests.
9. Maintain open lines of communication between Cashiers, Head Cashier, and Sales Manager

To apply, use the online application

If you have any questions or would like to send in a cover letter, email