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Roger Triplett Retirement Tribute

FANN Vice President Roger Triplett is co-owner of Green Seasons Nursery with Mark Holdren, business partner and brother-in-law. Seeing the economic and environmental potential of our plants, they switched from a traditional non-native ornamental business to virtually all native about 15 years ago. They took pride in applying standard professional horticultural practices and have a reputation for reliable outstanding “garden center” quality in their plants.

Roger Triplett is now retiring and it is an honor having him be a FANN member where he created a positive impact in the native plant industry. Several FANN members contributed beautiful tribute videos that were compiled into one video.

Here is the link to watch it:

Important Note

Green Seasons Nursery is now operated and managed under EarthBalance. As expert growers and horticulturists, EarthBalance brings 37 years of expertise in cultivating, planting, installation, and habitat restoration. You can expect the same hands on service, hardy native plants, and partner to serve your large-scale habitat projects.

Some photos to commemorate Roger Triplett