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Stocking Savvy seeks suggestions for growing hard-to-find native plants

“It can all start with just one plant.” – past president Dave Chiappini, at a past FANN meeting, talking about how people can get started growing native plants

You may have met Stocking Savvy owner Sean Patton at a past Native Plant Show. Sean is a young entrepeneur filled with native plant enthusiasm and a unique niche in the native plant industry — Stocking Savvy promotes healthy pond and water systems that combine native plants, fish and insects. Sean’s formal education led him to a career as an aquatic biologist but his sharp creative mind led him to identify the huge potential for greater sustainability by restoring natural water systems and transforming Florida’s countless stormwater systems. Sean is working to prioritize great underutilized and nearly non-available native plants for production and introduction to local native plant nurseries. One species he’s already hard at work on is Nelumbo lutea, our American Lotus (featured above). Got a plant suggestion for Sean? Call him at 941-500-2218 or contact him online.